Explore our portfolio of successful projects showcasing how PixelPace delivers exceptional results for clients across various industries. From providing precise CAD designs to offering innovative Engineering Service Outsourcing solutions, each case study highlights our commitment to excellence, collaboration, and cutting-edge expertise. Discover how we’ve helped businesses transform their ideas into reality and overcome challenges to achieve their goals.

KPO Service: Lyca Remit

Lyca Remit

Challenge: Lyca Remit, a prominent remittance service provider, faced challenges in processing a high volume of transactions efficiently while ensuring regulatory compliance. They needed a solution to enhance their operational efficiency, reduce processing times, and ensure a high level of accuracy in transaction processing.

Solution: Pixelpace provided comprehensive Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services to Lyca Remit, leveraging our team of financial experts and cutting-edge technology. We implemented advanced analytics and process automation tools to streamline transaction processing and compliance checks, facilitating faster and more accurate service delivery.

Result: As a result of our intervention, Lyca Remit experienced a significant improvement in transaction processing speed and accuracy. This enhancement allowed them to serve their customers better, maintain regulatory compliance with ease, and improve overall customer satisfaction. The efficiency gains also led to cost savings and bolstered Lyca Remit’s position in the competitive remittance market.

Airtel India

Challenge: Airtel India, a leading telecommunications service provider, sought to improve its customer service experience. They needed an efficient way to handle the vast number of customer inquiries and service requests received daily across multiple channels.

Solution: Pixelpace developed a sophisticated AI-powered chatbot solution tailored for Airtel India. The chatbot was designed to handle inquiries and service requests across various communication platforms, providing instant, 24/7 support to customers. It was equipped with natural language processing capabilities to understand and respond to customer needs effectively.

Result: The deployment of the chatbot significantly enhanced Airtel India’s customer service experience. It led to quicker resolution of inquiries, reduced wait times, and allowed human customer service agents to focus on more complex queries. Overall, customer satisfaction levels saw a notable increase, reinforcing Airtel India’s commitment to delivering exceptional service.



Challenge: Acorn, an innovative tech company, required specialized engineering expertise to develop a new range of smart devices. They were faced with tight development timelines and the need for high-quality engineering solutions.

Solution: Pixelpace provided comprehensive engineering outsourcing services, including a team of expert engineers and project managers to support Acorn’s product development. By integrating seamlessly with Acorn’s in-house team, we ensured a collaborative approach to design, development, and testing, leveraging our technical expertise to bring the products to market swiftly.

Result: With our support, Acorn successfully developed and launched its new smart device range within the projected timelines. Our engineering solutions not only met but exceeded Acorn’s quality expectations, leading to a successful product launch and a strong market reception. This collaboration also set the foundation for future innovation and product development projects.

Vodafone UK

Challenge: Vodafone UK aimed to enhance its network efficiency and customer experience through advanced AI solutions. They required innovative AI technologies to predict network congestion, optimize traffic, and personalize customer interactions.

Solution: Pixelpace developed and implemented a suite of AI solutions tailored for Vodafone UK, including predictive analytics models and AI-driven customer interaction tools. These solutions leveraged real-time data to forecast network demand, enabling proactive network management, and offered personalized service recommendations to customers.

Result: The implementation of AI solutions dramatically improved Vodafone UK’s network efficiency and customer satisfaction. Predictive network management reduced instances of congestion, ensuring a smooth and reliable service for customers. Additionally, personalized interactions led to enhanced customer engagement and loyalty. Vodafone UK strengthened its position as a leader in providing innovative and customer-centric telecommunication services.

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